Free Home License for Syslog Watcher

Home Network

We will be happy to provide you with Pro License (Home Use) for Syslog Watcher for free. We only ask you to share why you chose our syslog server for solving your problems.

Provide us (Submit a Ticket or Send an Email) a link to your mention of our product online (a blog post, a tech forum, a social media post, etc.) with an explanation why you chose Syslog Watcher for your tasks. Please make sure that:

  1. The post was published at least 7 days ago.
  2. The post contains a link to the Syslog Watcher website (

License Limitation

Pro License (Home Use) is intended only for personal use within a private home network.

Response Time

Free license requests have the lowest priority in our support system and can take up to 7 days.