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Syslog Watcher 5 (Beta) is Available

We are happy to inform that Syslog Watcher 5.0.0 (BETA) is available for downloading. Download Syslog Watcher 5.0 What’s New in Syslog Watcher 5.0 How to Upgrade to Syslog Watcher 5.0

By | November 28th, 2017|Blog|0 Comments

New Syslog Watcher Licensing Scheme

On January 16, 2017, a new licensing scheme for Syslog Watcher takes effect. The primary purposes of the changes are to simplify license cost calculation and increase investment in the development of the product. […]

By | December 23rd, 2016|Blog|Comments Off on New Syslog Watcher Licensing Scheme

Polls About the Future of SNMP Tools

Some time ago, we developed a set of simple SNMP tools. The utilities have a command line interface and are free for non-commercial use. They quickly became popular and are still actively downloaded from our website. Due to the low priority, we do not give enough time to their development, but those software tools require fixes, new features, and detailed documentation. At the same time, some users have difficulty with the command-line interface. We often get questions about how to use the tools. As a solution, we are considering the possibility of creating Visual SNMP Tools with a straightforward and intuitive graphical interface. […]

By | July 28th, 2016|Blog|1 Comment

Syslog Watcher: Handling Millions of Syslog Messages

As part of the upcoming Syslog Watcher 5.0 release, we have created a simple utility for testing the syslog protocol. The beta version of our new server will be available soon, but the testing application is available now: Syslog Generator can send single syslog messages, as well as generate a large number of syslog packets to [...]

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EventLog Inspector 3.2 is Available to Download

We are pleased to announce that EventLog Inspector 3.2 has been released and is available for downloading. The most significant improvement in this version is a new algorithm for log analysis and recognition of new records. There are some undefines in the behavior of Windows EventLog API, depending on the Windows OS version or even the Registry settings. This fact caused the [...]

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