Today is a big event for the SnmpSoft Website. After almost three years of wearing the red-and-black outfit, the website got redesigned. We believe large white spaces and the new grey-blue color scheme look calmer and are more appropriate to the site subject.

The all-new design is clearer and more intuitive. The larger fonts are user-friendly and make it easier to skim the content. Furthermore, our new website provides responsive features, which means it is tablet- and mobile-friendly. Content adaptation for the smaller screens of hand-held devices is standard for modern websites.

The content of the old site also required a significant update. We did not want just to copy-paste it into the new wrapping, so the current information on the SnmpSoft Website looks like a brief summary. However, we are working on filling it, and the content of the site will be expanded soon.

Do not hesitate to share your thoughts about the new design. We appreciate your feedback.