A renovation of SnmpSoft Website is moving on. We updated Syslog Watcher to version 4.8 few days ago. It is a maintenance update, so the main changes are related to stability improvement and change of the copyright information. The update is free for all licenses that allow installing Syslog Watcher version 4.7. You can find more details in the Release Notes.

We have published a brief description of the Versioning Scheme to standardize the numbering of new versions. A clear separation of functionality into branches and status tags will allow us to have multiple active branches. A co-existence of stable and beta branches enables us to add new features more quickly with minimal risk for those users who prefer stability.

We plan to release Syslog Watcher 4.9 in early April. There were a lot of feature requests for the syslog forwarding feature. Therefore, the main new feature of 4.9 will be the forwarding of collected messages to other syslog servers.