On January 16, 2017, a new licensing scheme for Syslog Watcher takes effect. The primary purposes of the changes are to simplify license cost calculation and increase investment in the development of the product.

Single License Type: Pro License

A Pro License for Syslog Watcher is the only purchase option.

  • Pro License for Syslog Watcher (incl. 12 months Maintenance) is US$249
  • Extended Maintenance is US$99 per license per year
  • Maximum Maintenance term is 36 months

Standard Licenses

We will stop selling Standard Licenses for Syslog Watcher. All Standard Licenses previously sold will remain active. Limiting the number of syslog sources does not fit into our vision of Syslog Watcher’s further development. Customers who wish to upgrade to a Pro License will receive a discount.

Nonprofit Organization Discount

We provide a 50% discount to all non-profit organizations.

Free Personal License

The Free Personal License is not installed by default and is no longer valid. As for the Standard License, the implementation of limiting the number of syslog sources interferes with the further development of the product. Private users who use Syslog Watcher for non-commercial purposes will be able to get a Pro License for free.

Trial Pro License

Users no longer need to request a trial license to test a fully functional version of Syslog Watcher. The server installs with a 30-day trial Pro License by default.

Volume Discount

We provide a volume discount for customers who buy more than 10 Pro Licenses at once; a 50% discount will be applied to the 11th and each subsequent license. All licenses must be purchased in a single transaction.

Enterprise Licenses

All active Enterprise Licenses continue to be valid. We will stop selling Enterprise Licenses as separate entities. Instead, we have introduced a new volume discount for multiple Pro Licenses ordered at once. Please contact us about the renewal of existing licenses.