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SNMP is a standard protocol for network devices monitoring and management. Almost all active network devices support SNMP. Besides that, SNMP is supported by many network applications and the majority of operational systems.

SnmpTrapGen is a command-line tool that simplifies its use in scripts and allows you to automate a large number of everyday system administrator actions. This tool supports IPv4 and modern IPv6, allowing you to avoid difficulties when you upgrade network structures. Besides that, SnmpSet, along with supporting a version of the SNMPv1/SNMPv2c protocol which is not safe, supports safe version of SNMPv3. This allows you to avoid violations of corporate safety policies in case you use it.


Version: 1.02
Size: 152KB (zip)


  • Supports SNMP v1/v2c and SNMpv3
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6
  • Command line interface
  • Any type of SNMP variables
  • Various Auth. & Privacy protocols
  • Windows XP-10 compatible


SnmpTrapGen.exe [-q] -r:host [-p:port] [-t:timeout] [-v:version]
       [-c:community] [-ei:engine_id] [-sn:sec_name] [-ap:auth_proto]
       [-aw:auth_passwd] [-pp:priv_proto] [-pw:priv_passwd] [-ce:cont_engine]
       [-cn:cont_name] [-vid:var_oid] [-vtp:var_type] [-val:var_value]
       [-del:char] -eo:ent_oid -to:trap_oid

   -q               Quiet mode (suppress header; print variable value only)
   -r:host          Name or network address (IPv4/IPv6) of remote host.
   -p:port          SNMP port number on remote host. Default: 162
   -t:timeout       SNMP timeout in seconds (1-600). Default: 5
   -v:version       SNMP version. Supported version: 1, 2c or 3. Default: 1
   -c:community     SNMP community string for SNMP v1/v2c. Default: public
   -ei:engine_id    Engine ID. Format: hexadecimal string. (SNMPv3).
   -sn:sec_name     SNMP security name for SNMPv3.
   -ap:auth_proto   Authentication protocol. Supported: MD5, SHA (SNMPv3).
   -aw:auth_passwd  Authentication password (SNMPv3).
   -pp:priv_proto   Privacy protocol. Supported: DES, IDEA, AES128, AES192,
                    AES256, 3DES (SNMPv3).
   -pw:priv_passwd  Privacy password (SNMPv3).
   -cn:cont_name    Context name. (SNMPv3)
   -ce:cont_engine  Context engine. Format: hexadecimal string. (SNMPv3)
   -to:trap_oid     Object ID (OID) of SNMP trap.
   -eo:ent_oid      Enterprise Object ID (OID).
   -vid:var_oid     Object IDs (OID) of one or multiple trap variables.
   -val:var_value   Value of one or multiple trap variables.
   -vtp:var_type    Type of trap variables. Supported: int,uint,str,hex,oid,ip
                    Default: str
   -del:char        Multiple variables delimiter for vid/vtp/val.


SnmpTrapGen.exe -r: -t:10 -c:"private" -to:.
SnmpTrapGen.exe -r:SnmpCollector -q -v:2c -p:10162 -to:.


SnmpTrapGen is free for non-commercial use and/or as a part of non-commercial solutions by third-party companies. More detailed license agreement can be found in ReadMe.txt delivered with the product.

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