Powerful Syslog Server for Windows OS

Syslog Watcher can collect, parse, store and analyze syslogs from:

  • firewalls / switches / routers / modems of any vendor
  • network hosts and servers (Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.)
  • syslog forwarders (to forward Windows Event Log use Eventlog Inspector)
  • any syslog enabled devices or appliances
  • any software that can send logs via syslog protocol


Syslog Watcher is a Windows-based syslog server for corporate networks. The syslog server collects, stores, parses, displays and explains syslog information to both new and professional network administrators, helping to improve the stability and reliability of the network.

Syslog Watcher installs a dedicated syslog server, integrating log data from multiple network appliances into a single, easily manageable and accessible place. Collecting and analyzing syslogs is essential for maintaining network stability and auditing network security.

Syslog Watcher notifies system administrators about important syslog messages, allowing you to fix network problems sooner and improving network reliability. The syslog server parses both standard-compliant and non-standard messages, easily processing corrupted and non-standard system logs without error. Syslog Watcher is designed to work under heavy load, and is able to process millions of syslog records without a problem.

Syslog Watcher VendorPack

VendorPack is a complete syslog reference that explains the meaning of more than 14,000 syslog messages to new and professional system administrators, allowing them to make a more informed decision about the network situation.

Syslog Watcher Installer

  • Latest version: 5.0.1
  • OS: Windows XP – 10
  • Released: Feb 21, 2018
  • Size: 16MB (16,695,808)
  • Release Notes
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  • Windows XP – Windows 10 compatible
  • Works as Windows service (no user login necessary)
  • Multithreaded high-performance architecture
  • Handles 5000+ syslog messages per second


  • Supports IPv4 and pure IPv6 networks
  • Resolves source names via DNS (full or relative)

Syslog Protocol

  • Collects syslogs over UDP as described in RFC3164
  • Collects syslogs over TCP (Cisco PIX/ASA, Netscreen, etc.)
  • Supports RFC3264 syslog format as well as vendor-specific formats
  • Smart syslog parser and VendorPack knowledge-base

Email Alerts

  • Generates email alerts for configured list of conditions


  • Performance optimized file-based syslog storage
  • Max keep time depends on syslog message’s severity
  • Allows to keep more important messages longer
  • Up to 1TB of collected data per syslog severity level


  • Shows last collected messages virtually in real-time
  • Full storage search according to extensive rule set
  • Sorting, QuickFind and QuickFilter feature for loaded grid
  • Custom text/background color for messages based on filters


  • Exports collected syslog to text files
  • Supports CSV, XML, TXT or any custom formats
  • Fully customizable subfolder/filename schema
  • Exports collected syslogs to a database (ODBC)
  • Filtration rules, manual and auto exporting

Syslog Protocol

Syslog protocol is a network logging standard supported by a wide range of network devices. Supported by a variety of network appliances, syslog protocol contains information on network events and errors. Syslog is invaluable for maintaining the network. It is used by system administrators for network management and security auditing. Syslog is supported by a variety of stand-alone and PC-based network devices and appliances. With a dedicated syslog server, the syslog protocol allows consolidating logs from all over the network into a single central repository.

Video Tutorials

The following videos show the previous version of Syslog Watcher. We are sorry for the inconvenience and are working on updating them.

1. First Steps

2. Collecting syslogs

3. Email Alerts

4. VendorPack

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Full Review

How to Remotely Collect Server Events Using Syslog

Reviewed by How-To Geek
Have you ever wished that instead of having to manually login to a server in order to see the system log, the events would simply come to you? How-To Geek goes into how to setup a syslog collector…
Full Review
First of all, thanks a lot for your free and great products. I like Syslog Watcher because it is easy to use and powerfull.
Xavier F., Sopra Steria Group
… a big thank you. i discovered Syslog Watcher today, it works beautifully, perfect for what i’m using it for; to monitor the logs on our openwireless.org wifi hotspot. Syslog Watcher is uncluttered and well layed out, easy on the eyes, it took me almost no time to figure out how to setup & use Syslog Watcher… so i’d say nice job on the user interface.
Francis, Tech Cafe
The support I received for my question was really EXCELLENT…period! I was also impressed by the quality of the service provided.
Roger O., Nestlé
This is a great product and the clever filtering system is just great. Thank you.
Martin H.
The quality of support offered by Brian was excellent. My support request was handled in a timely and professional manner.
The software didn’t have the feature I needed but they were able to provide a workaround and submitted a feature request to add the feature in future editions. Very helpful.
Euphrates G.
Syslog Watcher is a great product and it’s a pleasure to work with a company that is so responsive.
Peter, Aerospace Engineering Firm

Additional Information

 Windows Vista/7/Server 2008

  1. Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features.
  2. Select Syslog Watcher, and then click Uninstall.

Windows 8/8.1/Server 2012

  1. Hover the cursor in the bottom-left corner of the screen until a small image of the Start Screen appears, then right-click on the icon to open the Start Context Menu. Select Programs and Features.
  2. Select Syslog Watcher and click Uninstall to remove it.

Windows 10

  1. Right-click the Start button and click Control Panel.
  2. Go to Programs and Features (if your Control Panel is in Category view, go to Uninstall a Program).
  3. Find Syslog Watcher in the list, click it to select it, and then click Uninstall.